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  • Company Values
    **Vision** We exist to inspire, empower and connect a new generation of innovation leaders so they can help us build a brighter future. **Core Values** - Pay it forward ethos - Bias to action ethos - Equality and inclusion ethos - Network effect ethos - the sum of the parts is greater than the whole
  • Company Stance On Diversity & Inclusion
    At HEX, we aim to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the very core of our operations and values. We believe that DEI will drive innovation towards our mission in **empowering a diverse, globally-connected community of leaders in business, innovation and social change.** As a start-up that represents the next generation of leaders and advocates for an innovative and inclusive workplace, it is important to prioritise a culture of equity and inclusion on levels of our leadership and engagement. We will cultivate these practices through 3 lenses: Institutional, Interpersonal and Individual. HEX recognises that to generate high-quality innovation and execution, the inclusion of a highly diverse team is vital. A highly inclusive, diverse team leads to an appreciation of the diversity of thought, and we genuinely believe that business success reflects the quality of the people around us. This policy represents our commitment to ensuring that we are promoting and offering equal access to opportunities and to actively promote diversity and diverse mindsets and skillsets in leadership, team members, student cohorts and the people we platform.
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Company Description

HEX is a global education startup based in Australia. We’re on a mission to unleash the talent that’s held captive in traditional education and career paths – and help young people take their place as leaders, sooner.

Our flagship product is ‘HEX Ed’, a 6-month innovation gap year experience focused on innovation, tech startups, design thinking and future mindsets. With HEX Ed, gap year students get mentorship from professionals, make friends around the world, and can even get academic credit at leading unis.

At HEX, we’ve run virtual hackathons and events spanning 17 time zones; organised global trade missions for Government clients; incubated hundreds of founders in innovation hotspots like Silicon Valley; and worked with Nobel Prize winners, Y Combinator-backed startup founders, TED coaches, Grammy nominees, venture capital investors, and tech / startup legends like Guy Kawasaki. We’re a lean, high-energy, remote-first team. We let our geek flag fly, learn new things daily, and hold ourselves to world-class standards (we’ve got the awards to prove it…)

We are proud to have empowered thousands of future leaders – now we need your help to really take this thing to the next level.