Connecting Employers to Disadvantaged Job Candidates


We’re a social enterprise, and our vision is to create a more inclusive future of work.

Job candidates from underrepresented minority backgrounds want to find meaningful work but often face complex barriers. On the other hand, organisations want to foster a diverse and inclusive workforce but struggle to quickly and easily find the right candidates.

We connect organisations who are committed to diversity and inclusion to a diverse talent pool of job candidates from underrepresented minority backgrounds.


Broaden your reach. Diversify your applicant pipeline. Transform your workplace.


Access job opportunities and accelerate your career with inclusive organisation who truly value your diversity of thought.

More Reasons Companies Choose DivTal

We’re building the world’s most diverse talent pool and working towards creating a more inclusive future of work.


Find talent in a pool of vetted candidates, application, phone interview and profile approval based on completeness.


Get to know our candidates up close and personal, in a way like you never have before,
through video resumes and unique candidate profiles.


Post a job in minutes, access talent 24/7 and contact candidates directly. No middlemen, ever.

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