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    Founded in 2015, Hatch Quarter is built to harness the value of diversity and inclusivity. Hatch Quarter began with the vision to level the playing field for entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, innovators and startups, regardless of their background, and help them positively impact their industries and communities through a business ecosystem and coworking space that nurtures and boosts the success of the diverse community it encompasses. Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of Hatch Quarter’s culture and growth. We believe cultural, gender, age, and sexual diversity in the workplace drives diversity of thought and knowledge sharing, increases prospects for innovation, fosters a more global impact together as a company and increases employee satisfaction. Without compromising the quality and efficiency of the workforce, we seek to enable our people and the wider ecosystem through equal access to opportunities and resources, and to empower them to have a voice through inclusion and purpose-driven goals, and use the variety of thinking styles, backgrounds and capabilities that they have. The activities and approach to promoting diversity and inclusion include: - Attracting, retaining and increasing the diversity of our workforce through enhancing recruitment strategies, training and education, and developing awareness of diversity; - Creating a flexible and inclusive work environment that values differences and diversity of thought, without the compromise of quality and efficiency, to enhance business outcomes and improve processes and policies; - Implementing values of diversity and inclusion in the application process of all our program and service offerings; and - Encouraging leadership behaviours that reflect our belief in the value of diversity and inclusion. To maintain the principles above and to strive for improvement, Hatch Quarter is committed to promoting a culture that embraces diversity and reviewing the effectiveness and relevance of this policy.
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