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  • Company Stance On Diversity & Inclusion
    Our Diversity and Inclusion statement is a public declaration of our commitment to welcome team members, clients, partners, collaborators, suppliers, and any other individuals who — regardless of their background — help us become more effective in reaching our goals. Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion is rooted in the concept of ‘Cultural Competence’, which is the ability to understand, accept, respect, lead, work with, and advocate for people from backgrounds and cultures different from oneself. We measure our cultural competence by the extent to which we create and maintain an environment where everyone can be their full selves and bring their ways of seeing the world to bear in the creative work they produce. We are a global business, and we acknowledge that differences in history, demography, law, culture and custom in regions we operate in will play a role in our target setting, data gathering, and analysis. We will hold ourselves and all our partners accountable and never compromise on our principles. We will never relent in the pursuit of an equitable society, free from bias and discrimination of any sort.
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